Life After Loss

It's difficult to imagine life after the loss of a child. Part of your heart dies along with your child - your world is shattered and there is no glue that can stick the pieces back together. Despite such unbelievable heartache, you have to keep living and attempt to find meaning and hope after your loss. Many parents struggle to find their "new normal" and often experience feelings of isolation in their grief. It can be difficult for others to fully understand what a grieving parent is experiencing, or know how to help, and often only those who have also experienced child loss truly know the depth and breadth of the pain and love that's carried.

We are proud to offer weekend retreats for mothers who have lost a young child. Nestled in the quiet peace of the Rocky Mountains, grieving mothers can come together and focus on parenting the children who are no longer in their arms, but who will remain forever in their hearts.

Hazel’s Heroes’ mission is to provide hope and understanding to all who attend. Our retreats provide a safe and supportive environment for mothers to heal a piece of their broken hearts, to honour their children, and to help others who are on a similar journey of loss.  

The two most powerful words when we’re in struggle: ME TOO
— Brené Brown

Heal a Piece of Your Broken Heart

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We understand that there is no "getting over it" and that you will never stop loving or missing your child. As much as you want time to stop, your responsibilities continue and life becomes busy again.

Our hope for this retreat is that you will find time for yourself to engage in self-care activities, and give yourself a chance to embrace your journey, regardless of how far along you are in your grief.


Honour Your Child


We love our children unconditionally, just as we would if they were alive and here with us. We want to talk about them, share their story, and find ways to continue parenting them.

This retreat will provide opportunities for you to create meaningful ways to connect with your child and to continue the unbreakable bond between you and your child.


Help Others


Grief is not something that is easily faced alone. Knowing that others are walking a similar path - and are surviving it - can give you strength and hope. Often, by helping others, you end up helping yourself.

It is our hope that at the retreat, you will form lasting friendships that will carry you not only through the weekend, but through your entire grief journey.